1 -2oz  CERMA Turbo Nano Treatment with STM-3

1 -2oz CERMA Turbo Nano Treatment with STM-3

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 Finally!! Anti-Friction products that actually live up to or exceed the manufacturer's claims.(To be used on an engine already treated with Cerma Engine Treatment)You are buying 1  (2 ounce)  Cerma Turbo Nano Treatment.   

he only product of it's kind!

* Only for use after treating engine with Cerma

Cerma Turbo utilizes ceramic technology to form a micro-ceramic protective coating on all non ferrous parts within your vehicle that will protect it from heat, friction and the formation of performance degrading sludge. Cerma will restore to a smooth running turbo, while giving you unmatched protection.
  • Less bushing wear
  • Faster spool up
  • Reduced harmonic instability
  • Increased performance

All Cerma products are environmentally safe and do not contain any solvents or PTFE's.

Add 1 ounce after your compleated Cerma Engine Treatment (min. 500 miles)

If you are using your own brand of oil (ie not Cerma branded oils) When changing oil for the first time after the Cerma Engine Treatment you would add the remaining 1 oz. to that oil change. If your changing over to the Cerma Motor oils then there is no need to use the remaing 1 oz. on that engine, as Cerma Motor Oils will provide the needed protection.

Q - Where do I put this product?

A - Cerma turbo treatment is applied via the oil.

Q - What should I expect to see from this treatment?

A - Your Turbo  will become smoother, faster spool times, reduced wear of internal bushings, coking will be reduced.Money Back Guarentee