1ea -2oz CERMA ceramic gasoline engine+Cerma Manual Transmission Treatment
1ea -2oz CERMA ceramic gasoline engine+Cerma Manual Transmission Treatment
1ea -2oz CERMA ceramic gasoline engine+Cerma Manual Transmission Treatment
1ea -2oz CERMA ceramic gasoline engine+Cerma Manual Transmission Treatment

1ea -2oz CERMA ceramic gasoline engine+Cerma Manual Transmission Treatment

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Finally!! Anti-Friction products that actually live up to or exceed the manufacturer's claims.
 You are buying 1 (2 ounce)  Cerma Engine Treatment, and 1 (2 ounce) Cerma Manual Transmission Treatment. Enough to treat one 4,6,or 8 cylinder gasoline engine.   
The only product of it's kind!

Cerma’s “1 TIME" Engine treatment will restore new car performance and provide savings for years to come!
Need your car to last longer? Cerma can help you with that. 
Need your car to perform better? Cerma can help with that.
Need better MPG? Cerma can help with that.
Need better lubrication that protects your investment for years to come? Cerma can help with that!


Fully tested using certified U.S. government E.P.A. testing Protocol "Federal Test Guide – 40 CFR Part 86" that showed a 92 % reduction in emissions, when introduced into engine oil of a 160,000 mile car engine.


Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment is our premier product to start the Cerma process and to clean, restore, lubricate, and protect vehicle / equipment. 

Simple one-time application -- add to engine oil of vehicle and go!

Cerma Points

•  Protects New, Revives old
•  Restores Engine and Transmission Performance
•  Increases Horsepower & Torque
•  Increases Compression
•  Fuel Economy (4.2 to 21 % as Tested)
•  Reduces Emission Gases (92% as Tested)
•  Stops Carbon Deposits
•  Prevents Hydrogen Embrittlement Damage
•  Reduced Engine Vibration and Noise (Harmonics)
•  Stops Cold Start Problems. (Tested to -40 Deg.)
•  STM-3 is 100% Active Ingredient
•  Cerma STM-3 is 100% Organic
•  All Cerma Products are Fully Insured (US & Foreign)
•  100% 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Notice: All information stated above is based on 12 years of real data, not hype or dreams of a marketing group. Cerma Guarantee's It!  Required FTC statement:  your results may vary.

Cerma performance claims have been reviewed by the Government.  We are proud to be the only engine treatment ever to be  ETV Program Verified - Click Here

From the Inventor - John Murry:
"Why settle for minimal lubrication protection when you could have Cerma's Advanced Lubrication Protection?

Unlike traditional engine oil additives, Cerma with STM-3® does more than just coat.  Cerma STM-3 Treatment actually penetrates your engine's internal metal parts to eliminate engine generated destructive harmonics, noise and vibration, while increasing performance and improving gas mileage.

Cerma simultaneously cleans, and protects worn parts by creating a smoother, more durable surface without changing factory tolerances.  Cerma STM-3 effectively optimizes performance while reducing friction and wear.

Cerma has spent over 10 years validating every aspect of our treatment and the advanced science associated with Cerma STM-3. The application is simple, Cerma works with our 100% active ingredient, STM-3®, applying a long-lasting Nano Silicon Carbide (SiC) matrix seal within the sub-surfaces of the engine. While you drive, Cerma penetrates the metal surfaces 1 to 6 microns deep and forms this Silicon Carbide (SiC) matrix within the metal, that is lapped to a perfect mating surface on the metal as Cerma is curing within the sub-surfaces of the metal of the running assembly, engine, transmission or anything that requires lubrication.

By reducing friction and heat, Cerma's Advanced Technology provides similar benefits as traditional lubricants but works in a completely different way. Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment does not modify the oil in any way. Instead, it modifies the surface structure of the metal to make it act like a ceramic surface. Cerma will create a  Silicon Carbide matrix within the metal surface (known for it's strength, durability, smoothness and high heat resistance properties).  Silicon Carbide coatings have been used for decades in racing, industry, aviation and nuclear propulsion.  With STM-3®, a ceramic (SiC)-metal coating can now be applied  to your engine, transmission, rear axle or whatever equipment your treating with one simple application, no special tools & without dis-assembly.  Cerma with STM-3® provides a huge cost savings, with all the benefits of a ceramic engine.  Seal the Steel™ with Cerma STM-3® and enjoy the performance that professional race engine builders, aerospace engineers have known about for years, but at a fraction of the prior cost to achieve same results.

Cerma STM-3®  "Ceramic" Silicon Carbide (SiC) Metal Treatment  is the best way to optimize your Engine or Transmission's overall performance without dis-assembly. Once you treat your engine or transmission with Cerma, you will feel and hear the difference immediately! Your vehicle will run quieter and more smoothly with improved performance. We are so certain that you will be impressed by the results, that all Cerma Treatments come with a 90-day, no hassle money back guarantee!  Did I mention that Cerma is a "one" time  treatment?"

Simple one-time engine treatment, treat the metal not the oil with Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment, you will hear and feel the difference within 20 minutes.  Cerma STM-3, is the only pure SiC metal treatment, proven to substantially decreases friction, reduce damaging harmonics and wear in the engine.  Cerma with STM-3 is not harmful in any way to your to plastics, rubber, or seals.

Dosage Amounts:
Automobiles (Gasoline 4 to 8 Cylinders) - One 2 oz Treatment per vehicle (2 ounces total)
Automobiles (Small Diesel 1 to 2.8 Liter Engine) - One 2 oz Treatment per vehicle (2 ounces total)
Automobiles (Small Diesel 3 to 4.8 Liter Engine) - Two 2 oz Treatment per vehicle (4 ounces total)

You will also receive instruction sheet with your order, follow to the letter for positive results.  You may also download these instructions under "Dosage and Instructions" tab.

Q - Where do I put this product? in my fuel or oil?
A - Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment is applied via the engine oil, although Cerma does not fully mix with oil, the oil will carry Cerma to the metal components within your engine.

Q - Does Cerma require re-treatment?
A - In most cases Cerma is a ONE TIME application.  (Extreme usages like racing, high vibration, excessive miles, may require re-treatment).

Q - What should I expect from this treatment?
A - Your engine will become smoother, run with more power, and depending on driving habits/conditions you should see fuel economy improvement.  Best of all the engine will run better and longer… saving thousands in repair/replacement of critical parts.

 A simple one time application will protect your engine for LIFE!  

For Manual Transmissions, Any Differential, All Gear Boxes, and Rear Axles.

Cerma will restore fast smooth shifting, while giving you protection unmatched by any other products sold anywhere!  Cerma STM-3® for Manual Transmissions utilizes our SiC technology to form a micro-ceramic protective coating on all metal parts within your vehicle's transmission or differential.  This will not allow the formation of performance degrading sludge and varnish to form.  All Cerma products are environmentally safe and do not contain any solvents or PTFE's.

Cerma STM-3 for Manual Transmission and Drivetrains:
•  Restores performance and fixes many transmission issues.
•  Stops slippage, hesitation and rough shifting in worn transmissions.
•  Eliminates most seal leaks and lowers operating temperatures in hard-working units.
•  Ideal for all uses including auto, diesel truck, motor homes and commercial vehicles.
•  Excellent for preventative maintenance and extends fluid life by up to four times.
•  Extends needed protection to planetary gears

Not for use in Engine or Automatic Transmissions, please see Engine and Automatic Transmission Treatment in products section.


Cerma User's Statement:

Brent Richards :  September 11 2012 11:30 am    I am amazed at this product. I put cerma stm3 in my 2009 subaru imprezza and went from 33 mpg hwy. to 38 hwy! 

the engine seems to be so smooth you can't tell it is running! 

So then I put it in my 04 dodge hemi sport truck and went from 15.5 to 19.5 mpg hwy! 

unbelievable!! this stuff is the real deal! I will be ordering more and will treat the transmissions and a/c units and see what that will bring.                                      

I will be ordering more and will treat the transmissions and a/c units and see what that will bring.

All Cerma Products are Fully Insured (US & Foreign) .Notice: All information stated above is based on 10 years of Real 
Data. and not Hype or dreams of a marketing group. Cerma Guarantee's IT!