1ea-2ozCERMA gasoline engine,Auto Transmission,+1oz Power Steering Treatment
1ea-2ozCERMA gasoline engine,Auto Transmission,+1oz Power Steering Treatment
1ea-2ozCERMA gasoline engine,Auto Transmission,+1oz Power Steering Treatment
1ea-2ozCERMA gasoline engine,Auto Transmission,+1oz Power Steering Treatment

1ea-2ozCERMA gasoline engine,Auto Transmission,+1oz Power Steering Treatment

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Finally!! Anti-Friction products that actually live up to or exceed the manufacturer's claims.
 You are buying 1 (2 ounce)  Cerma Engine Treatment, and 1 (2 ounce) Cerma Automatic Transmission Treatment and 1 (1 ounce) Cerma Power Steering Treatment.
Enough to treat one 4,6,or 8 cylinder gasoline engine.   
The only product of it's kind!

Cerma’s “1 TIME" Engine treatment will restore new car performance and provide savings for years to come!
Need your car to last longer? Cerma can help you with that. 
Need your car to perform better? Cerma can help with that.
Need better MPG? Cerma can help with that.
Need better lubrication that protects your investment for years to come? Cerma can help with that!


Fully tested using certified U.S. government E.P.A. testing Protocol "Federal Test Guide – 40 CFR Part 86" that showed a 92 % reduction in emissions, when introduced into engine oil of a 160,000 mile car engine.

 A simple one time applicatio
n will protect your engine for LIFE!  


Cerma STM-3® will restore fast smooth shifting, while giving you protection unmatched by any other products sold anywhere!  Cerma STM-3 for Automatic Transmissions utilizes our SiC technology to form a micro-ceramic protective coating on all metal parts within your vehicle's transmission or differential.  This will not allow the formation of performance degrading sludge and varnish to form.  All Cerma products are environmentally safe and do not contain any solvents or PTFE's.

Cerma STM-3 for Automatic Transmission:
•  Restores performance and fixes many transmission issues. 
•  Stops slippage, hesitation and rough shifting in worn transmissions.
•  Eliminates most seal leaks and lowers operating temperatures in hard-working units.
•  Ideal for all uses including auto, diesel truck, motor homes and commercial vehicles.
•  Excellent for preventative maintenance and extends fluid life by up to four times.
•  Extends needed protection to planetary gears

IMPORTANT - CVT and SVT Transmissions:  Cerma Warranty / Money Back Guarantee is NOT valid for CVT or SVT Transmissions of any type due to the large number inherent manufacturer issues. Cerma STM-3 Transmission does not fix broken!  Speak to your dealer and/or manufacturer for more information. 

  • STM-3 contains:
  • No paraffin's – therefore, it can be used as an additive in fuels.
  • No cladding materials that can be harmful, such as Teflon®, metal, zinc, paraffin wax.
  • No EPA targeted carbon chains.
  • No products that will build up or oxidize.
  • No Elements that would void warranties.

Protects New ---- Revives old. Restores Engine and Transmission Performance.Restores Horsepower & Torque. Restores Compression. Extends oil change intervals by 2-3 times (see oil reports). Active STM-3® with Carbon Guard Restores Fuel Economy* 4.2 to 21 % as Tested.
Reduces Emission Gases (92% EPA certified Test). Reduced maintenance, increased equipment life. Cleans Carbon Deposits within your engine. Reduces Engine Vibration and Noise (Harmonics). Stops cold start problems. (Tested to -40 Deg.). Lowers Operating Temperatures.
Seals and Protects Metal Parts from Wear & Deposits. Does not contain PTFE or Chlorinated Paraffin. Cerma is 100% active ingredients. Cerma is 100% Organic.
Cerma  SiC coatings, are not SiC until made into Cerma SiC through special chemistry and processes that the clones don't have! They just don’t have the know how, or our STM-3 formulation that is required to achieve the Cerma SiC coating!
What is Cerma with STM-3?   If you have ever used a carbide tipped saw b
lade or drill bit you can appreciate having all the engine surfaces treated in a similar way.Silicon Carbide,  "SiC"  aka  "STM-3®Silicon Carbide (SiC) was originally produced by a high temperature electro-chemical reaction of sand and carbon.

Silicon carbide is an excellent surface protector. The material STM-3® has been developed into a high quality technical grade SiC with highly beneficial mechanical properties. It is used in various high-performance applications.  Structural and wear applications are constantly developing and seemingly endless. Key properties of SiC / STM-3 include: low density, high strength, low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, high hardness, high elastic modulus, excellent thermal shock resistance, and superior chemical inertness. Typical uses of SiC are stationary or dynamic turbine components, seals, bearings,  process equipment, engine components, custom coating for professional racing engines. Silicon carbide is composed of a tetrahedral structure of carbon and silicon atoms with strong bonds in a crystalline lattice. This produces a hardened, durable material. Silicon carbide does not react with any acids, alkalies or molten salts up to 800°C. In air, SiC forms a protective silicon oxide coating and can be used up to 1600°C. The high thermal conductivity coupled with low thermal expansion and superior strength create an exceptional material with thermal shock resistant qualities. Silicon carbide SiCs with little or no grain boundary impurities maintain their strength in very high temperatures approaching 1600°C.
Chemical purity, resistance to chemical attack at high temperatures, and strength retention at high temperatures has made this material very popular as  a metal treatment. Although the process of producing and coating materials with SiC is normally very expensive and involves many steps to achieve the final product. Motor Works, Inc. has developed a new process for achieving the properties of SiC coatings in a simple one-time application. In 2001, Motor Works, Inc. along with its chief chemist John Murray set out to develop a simple chemical reaction to achieve SiC coatings. By utilizing the acids and carbon within the engine oil, Mr. Murray was able to create a SiC coating that is created within the engine without the expense of removing engine components and sending them to a coating shop to be coated with SiC baked coating. After more than 5 years of research and development, Motor Works, Inc. accomplished what was said to be impossible; SiC coatings that are created within the operating environment ofthe equipment being treated.  Thus the equipment operator receives all the benefits of SiC coatings without the high cost.


Cerma User's Statement:

Brent Richards :  September 11 2012 11:30 am    I am amazed at this product. I put cerma stm3 in my 2009 subaru imprezza and went from 33 mpg hwy. to 38 hwy! 

the engine seems to be so smooth you can't tell it is running! 

So then I put it in my 04 dodge hemi sport truck and went from 15.5 to 19.5 mpg hwy! 

unbelievable!! this stuff is the real deal! I will be ordering more and will treat the transmissions and a/c units and see what that will bring.                                      

I will be ordering more and will treat the transmissions and a/c units and see what that will bring.

All Cerma Products are Fully Insured (US & Foreign) .Notice: All information stated above is based on 10 years of Real 
Data. and not Hype or dreams of a marketing group. Cerma Guarantee's IT!