2 ea Cerma Ice HVAC Treatment, 2 oz. improves Home, auto, commercial A/C units.

2 ea Cerma Ice HVAC Treatment, 2 oz. improves Home, auto, commercial A/C units.

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Finally!! Anti-Friction products that actually live up to or exceed the manufacturer's claims.
You are buying 2ea. 2 oz. bottles  of Cerma Air Conditioning Treatment with STM3.
 This product does everything it says it will or your money back.
 Complete and simple instructions are included.
Requires A/C Dye injector for installation, not included.

Cerma Air Conditioning Treatment 
 Cerma Air treatment has been used and tested fully in Auto and Home applications with All refrigerants , including 410.
The largest Unit ever treated with Cerma Air  is a 100 ton commercial rooftop unit. 
The testing for this product was conducted in the harsh environment of Phoenix, AZ. and showed that Cerma Air 
improved the overall performance of all the units within the test.
  units showed that Cerma improved heat transfer, while reducing power usage, and shortening cycling times.

Cerma has developed Cerma Air so that even a novice can apply the product using the applicator tool,

as well as video's showing how to use the tools, and the proper dosage for your needs. 

   All products are money back if not satisfied.

For more information on using the product , go to EBay seller at  cerma.info  

Things noticed at time of testing:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Shorter compressor cycle time to achieve desired temp setting
  • Power savings
  • Improved heat transfer
  • Helps reduce internal moisture and acid buildup
  • Corrected the need to change air dryer modules when saturated
  • Quieted down the compressor
  • Revived hard start units to normal running
                                                                    Cerma AC

AC UNITS:  Cerma works with all freons including 410. Works on all Car, Truck, Home or Commercial Units.

REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS:  Cerma works on all systems both large and small. 


A/C Units - 1 ounce for first 2 tons and 25' of tubing (distance from compressor to air handler), 1/4 ounce for each additional ton, 1/4 ounce for each additional 25' of tubing. Large commercial units, call tech support for dosage.

Refrigeration Systems - 1/4 ounce for each 25' of tubing.

Autos/Pick Ups/Semi - 1/2 ounce for single ac system, 1 ounce for dual ac system

Cerma has been shown to increase performance and longevity as well as reduce the energy usage.

      Improved Efficiency • Shorter Compressor Cycle Times • Power Savings

      Improved Heat Transfer • Reduces Internal Moisture and Acid Buildup • Quieter Compressor

     Revives Hard Start Units • Corrects the need to change Saturated Air Dryer Modules