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You are buying a cleaning and lubricating Kit as described below.
6 oz. can of foam and 15 ML grease 

Cerma CSL Firearm Clean Seal Lube

Cerma STM-3® CSL Firearm Foam and Grease - sold as a package or individually.

Cerma utilizes SiC technology to form a micro-ceramic seal on all metal parts to reduce friction, remove carbon, copper and lead deposits, and cleans off old oil from , loaders and loading tools. 

 Cerma leaves behind a SiC finish that treats the metal to create a matrix that is impervious  to heat, cold and buildup, with 6x the load carrying capacity of US Military required specifications.

Cerma CSL Foam will reduce friction, wear, and abrasion, while providing unmatched protection.  Just clean  as normal, Cerma is all the protection you will ever need. 

Cerma CSL  Foam is not your ordinary cleaner, Cerma CSL is a new generation of lubrication and protectant fortified with STM-3 technology.

Cerma CSL Grease is engineered to meet the most demanding needs for lubrication and protection. Prevents metal damage in actions, hinges and hardware, frame rails and bolt-action locking lugs. Quick and easy to apply. Will cling to metal and will not wash off with water.  Works in extreme temperatures -60°F to 350°F.

•   Increased Velocity and Better Grouping  
•   Cleans, Seals, Protects and Lubricates  
•   Helps Remove Carbon, Copper & Lead Deposits  
•   Reduced Jams, Increased Performance  
•   Superior Corrosion Protection / Prevents Rust and Oxidation
•   Extends Barrel Life •  Extreme Temperatures (Hot and Cold)  
•   Smoother Action   •  Lower Barrel Temps, typically 25°F to 100°F 
•   Easier and Faster Cleaning (Less Buildup)  
•   Reduced Maintenance Costs  
•   Water-Resistant, won't Break Down or Dry Out  
•   Restores Surface Metal Imperfections  
•   Extended  Time Between Cleanings  
•   Safe on all Metals, won’t Etch or Pit Barrels  
•   Powerful & Fast Acting • Non-Flammable,  Non-Corrosive 
•   Stays in place and lubricates in the most severe conditions 
•   Excellent Water and Chemical Washout Resistance
•   Easy to Use  
•   Odorless After Application  
•   American Innovation & American Made

Cerma CSL products are environmentally safe and do not contain any solvents or PTFE's.

Norwalk CT Police Department Usage Review of Cerma CSL Firemarm:
I must admit that I tend to view products with skepticism however the proof was in the data.  I saw a legitimate 200 fps gain in a 16” AR-15 that would be the equivalent of having a 20” barrel, as well as a legitimate 150 fps boost in a 40 cal Sig P-229R. Now when cleaning time came around, both guns pretty much wiped clean with minimal fuss.  I am looking forward to continued use of Cerma and can see that it also has potential for USPSA shooters who have to meet a minimum power floor providing extra velocity without pressure increase.

Corey Vento- Police training officer 
Norwalk CT Police Department
203 xxx-xxxx