Cerma HYDRAULIC TREATMENT 1 Ea.1 ounce bottle
Cerma HYDRAULIC TREATMENT 1 Ea.1 ounce bottle

Cerma HYDRAULIC TREATMENT 1 Ea.1 ounce bottle

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You are buying one 1 ounce bottle with instructions

add 1 oz Up to 5 Gallons, 6 oz for 20 Gallons, 1 oz for each 20 gallons thereafter.

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Cerma STM-3® Hydraulic Treatment utilizes ceramic technology to form a micro-ceramic protective coating on all metal parts within your vehicle that will protect it from heat, friction and the formation of performance degrading sludge. Cerma will restore to a smooth running assembly, while giving you unmatched protection.  All Cerma products are environmentally safe and do not contain any solvents or PTFE's.

Cerma STM-3 Hydraulic Treatment will enhance the way all hydraulic systems work.  Cerma STM-3 has the ability to absorb moisture from the oil helping stop internal corrosion.  Cerma STM-3 is a genuine metal treatment… when introduced into the pump and valve block assemblies, makes operation much smoother.  Helps do away with "jerky starts" and the cold weather drag that some installations suffer from.  Cerma STM-3 lubricates the rubber seals and o-rings, stopping them from drying out and possible tearing after long stationary periods.  Cerma attaches itself to the inside of the hydraulic cylinders, making the whole operation cycle much smoother. 

Less Breakdown  •  Less Maintenance  •  Less Downtime  •  Less Overhead